Additional informations 2021

Additional informations about CORONA VIRUS for summer 2021

To be able to open Moiry hut this next summer, thank you for reading carefully.

Shortly before the start of the SAC summer hut season, the Federal Council decided on new relaxation measures that will be implemented from May 31, 2021. The SAC expressly recommends that hut stays and (section) trips should only be undertaken after a negative Covid-19 test result. This is the only way to minimize the risk of infection.

  • Do a quick test before staying in a hut.
  • Come to the hut only by good health.
  • Perform a self-test or, better yet, a rapid antigen test, before a race/hut stay. If the test result is positive, do not go on the trip and withdraw immediately.
  • On multi-day trips, it is recommended that you regularly perform a self-test for your own protection and that of others.
  • Book your berth - Reservation with half board required, no overnight stay without reservation.
  • There is no possibility to choose four beds rooms or dorm, the number of places is restricted in order to follow, as best we can, current safety guidance. However please note that, in the context of a mountain hut, it is not always possible to respect social distancing.
  • Cancelations are possible 48 hours prior your visit, at 18h00. Pass this time, the total cost of your stay need to be paid.
  • For the overnight, you must bring: a sleeping liner, a pillow sheet, a sanitary towel, a personal disinfectant, a chirurgical mask and some light hut shoes. Those objects will be controlled at your check-in, you can be asked to by those or we will be able to refuse your stay.
  • Respect the protection and hygiene measures in force on site. Masks are mandatory in all indoor and outdoor areas of the huts.
  • You need to bring back all your rubbish absolutely.

We appeal to your sense of responsibility.

Thank you for taking note of that prior your reservation, thank you for your understanding.


Hello, welcome to Moiry hut website.


The hut is open for summer season. We'll be happy to welcoming you for the overnight or simply for a day trip to enjoy our magnificant terasse above glacier. Opening dates for next summer from June 19th to September 20th 2021

Bookings, directly on our web site.

See you soon

Yvan Duc and team.

photo ©2010 Marco Volken


Conditions et appréciations des courses

Sentier d'accès - alt.: 2825 m.

Difficulté Conditions Date
T3 1h30 du parking du glacier Le sentier est en très bonnes conditions, pas de soucis particuliers, nous recommandons toutefois d'encorder les tout petits pour des raisons de sécurité. ★★★ 25.07.2021

Pigne de la Lé - alt.: 3396 m.

Difficulté Surface du glacier Crevasses Conditions Date
PD 2h30 au départ de la cabane Glacier bien enneigé, bon regel nocturne. Peu de crevasses visibles. ★★★ 25.07.2021

Pointes de Mourti - alt.: 3564 m.

Difficulté Surface du glacier Crevasses Conditions Date
PD 3h30 au départ de la cabane Glacier bien enneigé, bon regel nocturne. Peu de crevasses visibles. ★★★ 25.07.2021

Grand Cornier - alt.: 3962 m.

Difficulté Surface du glacier Crevasses Conditions Date
AD 4h de la cabane Glacier bien enneigé, bon regel nocturne. Peu de crevasses visibles. ★★★ 25.07.2021
  Pas d'info
★ Peu favorable
★★: Bonnes
★★★: Excellentes

Attention, ces informations sont donnée à titre indicatif, selon les données récoltées auprès des alpinistes et des guides de retour des courses.
Les gardiens ainsi que leur équipe ne peuvent en aucun cas être tenus responsables des informations mises à votre disposition. Art. 7 des CG des cabanes du CAS du 9 juin 2012: clause de non responsabilité.

Pour l'accès à la cabane de Moiry, nous préconisons toujours d'encorder les jeunes enfants et les personnes non expérimentées, spécialement en début de saison jusq'à la fin du mois de juillet environ.

Chacun se doit de parcourir les montagnes avec les connaissances et le matériel adéquat.

Bonne course.

La météo à Grimentz (altitude de 1560m)

"Current weather"

Th Thursday 5 August 2021 5.8 slightly overcast, some showers

Forecast for the next days

Fr Friday 6 August 2021 6.8 sunny | 18°
Sa Saturday 7 August 2021 7.8 overcast | 17°
Su Sunday 8 August 2021 8.8 mostly sunny, some clouds | 16°
Mo Monday 9 August 2021 9.8 mostly sunny, some clouds | 17°
Tu Tuesday 10 August 2021 10.8 mostly sunny, some clouds | 19°

Source: MeteoSwiss

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